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Animals Of The World   Every Friday in January at 6PM

A 4 week comprehensive class where we will travel to different parts of the world and learn about the animals that live there. We will cover a different area of the world each week. Come for all 4 or pick just the ones you want. These classes are $30 per person and space is limited. 

1 class = $30

Buy 3 classes get the 4th one free!

Space is limited. Please call the office to sign up and pay in advance to hold your spots. 

Week 1 - South & Central America - January 5, 2018

In this class we will learn all about the animals of this region. The event will feature our Mountain Coatis and our Kinkajous plus many more mammals and reptiles from the area. 

Week 2 - North America - January 12, 2018

In this class we will learn all about the animals from right here at home in North America. The night will feature our North American Porcupine Lulu, and of course the fierce and impressive American Alligators in all their glory!. Plus many more animals from the USA and Canada. 

Week 3 - Africa & Madagascar - January 19, 2018

This class could probably stand on it's own but you can get in on it with this course. In this nights event we will safari around Africa and Madagascar and learn about all the animals we house that live there including our Ring-Tailed Lemurs from the remote area of Madagascar and for the first time ever in this setting we will have Boo our African Crested Porcupine, a natural enemy of the the lion, the king of the jungle. Plus we will feature many more native animals to the area. 

Week 4 - Australia & Eurasia - January 26, 2018

This class will be the grand finale of the course. We combine all of Europe and Asia together with Australia to bring you the most exciting class of them all. This night will feature a Red Kangaroo, an Asian Water Monitor and many, many more animals from these regions. This is the one you do not want to miss out on! And remember if you buy the first three classes this one will be free!

Call the office for more details and to sign up. Remember to pay in advance to hold your spot for these amazing classes!

Contact:  |  P. 978.779.8988

Individual Animal Classes from Animal Adventures

Owl Handling Class - SOLD OUT!
January 13, 2018 at 6PM - $50 per person
Come join us for our next Owl Class and learn all about our Eurasian Eagle Owls, how to work with them, handle and hold them. This is one of Animal Adventures staple classes. Always a hit and sells out quickly. Please call or email from more info and to sign up today. 

Cat Class - SOLD OUT!
January 20, 2018 at 6PM - $50 Per Person
Cats! This is now Boradway show. It's real and in your face fun. Join us for our next Cat Class and meet Aslan, Lazerous, and our newest addition to the family Vlad, the Siberian Lynx. Presented by our Owner/Founder Ed Laquidara, he will teach you all about these amazing animals and how to interact with them. Call to sign up, all sales are final and class will be rescheduled if there is a major snow storm.

Fox Class
January 27, 2018 at 6PM - $50 per person
This is the class you have all been waiting for. After much discussion and a lot of demand from our patrons we have put together a class all about foxes you are sure to love. This class will feature a hands on lesson with Timon our Fennec Fox and Storm our Pale Fox with a special appearance by Olaf the Arctic Fox. You will also get to see up-close and feed the Red Foxes.