Animal Adventures

Family Zoo & Rescue Center

Pricing and Booking

Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advanced. Availability cannot be guaranteed without 2 weeks notice.  

Pricing varies based upon distance from the Animal Adventures facility. Please call us at (978)779-8988 Mon-Fri or email us @ for accuratpricing or more information!

Our Friends

Standard Exotic Animals

Animals include: 3'-4' Alligator, large snake and small snake, skunk, chinchilla, ferret, hedgehog, degus, and different types of rabbits. To add some more reptiles we bring large and small Lizards, Tortoises, and Frogs. We can also bring Tarantula, Scorpion, Millipede and Cockroaches, and other insects may be available!

Call for Pricing on a Standard Presentation in your area. 978.779.8988

Premium Exotic Animals

  • Ring-tailed Lemur
  • White-nosed Coati
  • Mountain Coati
  • Kinkajou
  • Eurasian Eagle Owl
  • North American Porcupine
  • Pale Fox
  • Fennec Fox
  • Armadillo
  • Bush Baby.

Click HERE for our Premiums Guide.

(These Premium Animals can be chosen when a Premium, Master's, or Ultimate Presentation is Booked)

Call for Pricing on a Premium, Master's or Ultimate Presentation in your area. 978.779.8988. 

Want Something Bigger?

Are you booking a large event and want to WOW the crowd? Add one of our Elite animals:

  • Mojo the Black Capped Squirrel Monkey 
  • Naomi the Red Kangaroo

to any Standard, Premium or Master's Presentation for and additional $250 per animal added. (These Animals require two (2) handlers present at the presentation. Other requirements may be necessary as well)

Aslan, the Carpathian Lynx is an additional $250 pending owners approval.(he is limited to about 15 appearances per year).

Josie the African Vervet Monkey is available upon request. May only be done if the owner is able to do the event, and is a $500 charge. (Conditions Apply)

Call to Inquire more information on these animals and their requirements to come to your event!

Libraries, Corporate Events, or Birthday Parties at Your Home

Our variety of travel presentations make an excellent way to bring the animals to you! They come in all different packages and can be geared towards any age group!

Show & Touch

The program of choice for younger audiences. Typically over 15% of our annual audience is under 4 years old, and this show is just for them! No less diverse than any other Animal Adventures program, we bring the gentlest mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and bugs we can. With lots of petting time and personalized interaction. As always, safety and cleanliness are our top priority as we all have a wonderful time!

Standard Presentations

This is Animal Adventures' standard, all-ages program. Eight to ten animals presented in a one-hour session. Meet the animals, hear interesting stories and information about them and get close. Controlled petting and touching is allowed at the discretion of the Animal Adventure Guide. A fun and unique learning experience to be enjoyed by all! Customized to be age-appropriate.

Premium Presentations

A classic Animal Adventures program with the addition of some of our more exciting premium animals. Setting the standard for live-animal shows that are both fun and educational. Animal Adventures Premium Shows are delivered only by one of our expert Presenters, whom we like to call "Adventure Guides."
Everything that makes our "Standard Show" great is even bigger and better.

Masters Program

This program presents the largest, most exotic, and most impressive animals, that Animal Adventures has to offer for those looking for a wild encounter in New England!. Two professional Animal Adventures handlers are required for this show, and you will meet one of our larger alligators(5-7ft.), or Agro, the ONLY traveling West African Crocodile in the country, one of our huge Monitor lizards(Water, Savannah, or black throat), Tarzan the Ring-Tailed Lemur, one of our giant snakes, and much more! Appropriate for schools, festivals, large stage presentations and private parties. *This program includes 3 of our Premium Animals

Ultimate Program

Animal Adventures' top-shelf program is 90 minutes featuring any 10 animals requested. A true choose your own adventure experience, Animal Adventures' Ultimate Adventure is guaranteed to deliver. How do we know you will be satisfied? With the Ultimate Adventure program we put you in the driver's seat. Select any 10 animals, no matter how big or small, and with help from our experienced staff, design a program exactly to your liking. We can fit any school's curriculum and any event's theme. Give us a call and we will set you up with a one-of-a-kind animal program that will be unforgettable.


Animal Adventures is excited to announce our new program Dino-Adventures. Dino-Adventures features fossils, dinosaur skulls, velociraptor claws, dinosaur skin you can see and touch. We also provide live animals such as monitor lizards, alligators, scorpions, birds, and snapping turtles, this is a program to excite any dinosaur lover.

Dino-Adventures is offered in both our classic interactive small group session as well as an exciting stage program for large audiences. Call for more information on booking.

Birthday Parties at Animal Adventures

Come celebrate your birthday the Animal Adventures way. One of our experienced and entertaining Adventure Guides will lead you through our rescue zoo and provide a hands-on educational experience custom tailored to your birthday child's age and interests.

Enjoy an hour and a half of learning and interaction with exotic animals including giant snakes, lizards, alligators, skunks, a wallaby and many more. After meeting our animals, tables and chairs are provided in our birthday party room, all you have to do is bring the cake and refreshments.

Leave the clean up to us, and as always, your child's safety is our #1 priority.

Our standard package includes a two-hour reservation for up to 25 individuals (kids and adults) and costs $320. Additional party members are welcome at a rate of $7 per person due to the need for additional Adventure Guides.

Call us at (978)779-8988 or e-mail us at today for further questions or if you would like more information!

Would you like Animal Adventures ALL TO YOURSELF?

Animal Adventures is now offering birthday parties at our facility when no one else will be here! 

This birthday package includes a two hour reservation for up to 35 individuals and costs $500. Additional party members are welcome at a rate of $7 per person due to the need for additional Adventure Guides. Times available for this party package are from 5:00-7:00pm or 6:00-8:00pm daily (unless there is an Animal Adventures event already taking place). 

Call us at (978)779-8988 or e-mail us at today for further questions or if you would like more information!