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Animal Adventures: Rhode Island

All The excitement of Animal Adventures, closer to you!

We Did It! We have expanded our traveling programs into the Rhode Island area for the same low price as if you lived near Bolton, MA. Because we now have a base of operations in your area we can offer the same great base packages to you for a reduced price than having us travel from way up in Massachusetts. 

Beth Fay, a very happily married mother of two, has been doing hands-on, educational animal presentations for over 19 years. Have your kids touch and learn about animals they don't see everyday from someone with a "Mom's Knack & Knowledge".

Traditional presentation may include the following:

Snakes (Milk/King Snakes, Ball Python, Burmese Python(10'))
Lizards (Bearded Dragon, Blue Tongue Skink, Crested Gecko)
Turtle/Tortoise (Redfoot Tortoise/Ornate Box Turtle)
Frog/Toad (White's tree / American Garden toad)
Tarantula (Mexican Red Knee)
Giant Rabbit
Hairless / Dumbo Rat

Get the base price from Animal Adventures in Bolton, Ma to the shores of Rhode Island for your next birthday, library, or school event!  With Beth's great animals who live with her in R.I. combined with the most exotic animals in the world from our Bolton Facility you are sure to have the best presentation on the east coast. 

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