Welcome to Animal Adventures!

Animal Adventures is an exotic animal rescue, founded by Ed and Brenda Laquidara in 1997, but they began this journey long before that. Ed, has been working with exotics since his youth and over the years and experience, gained his PhD in Zoology and is one of the world's most sought after herpetologists. Brenda owned a pet store in Medford, MA for many years with her sister

Robin. Together, Ed and Brenda formed Animal Adventures. The mission is to give a home to unwanted and unable to be cared for animals while educating the public about these animals. We travel to many schools, libraries, colleges, and other functions. We teach lessons at birthday parties and in the classroom. Feel free to visit our rescue zoo in Bolton and see and learn about all of these amazing animals! 

Animal Adventures is NOT a licensed rehab facility or hospital. We can treat some animals with minor injuries but we cannot take animals from the wild.

If you have an injured animal from the wild please contact a local wildlife rehabilitation facility. 

Call before dropping off. We take surrendered/unwanted pets and can give them a new and safe home either here or somewhere we deem appropriate. All of our other animals are rescued or surrendered from other zoos or breeding facilities and a few other rare cases. 



Owners/Founders: Ed & Brenda Laquidara


General Manager: Chris Geary

(978) 779-8988  Chris@AnimalAdventures.net

Animal Adventures is fully insured and is a fully licensed zoo and exotic animal rescue and educational facility.

Zoo license in A+ standing with the USDA

Zoo and Educational Permits in Excellent Standing with the Mass. Fish and Wildlife.

Migratory Bird/Raptor permits in Excellent Standing with US Fish and Wildlife.


Me and my two daughters visited yesterday and we had a wonderful time. I wanted to personally thanks my zookeeper, I believe her name was Angela but I'm not certain. We were having so much fun that I believe another tour may have started and we didn't get the chance to really thank her. Your place is incredible, but Angela was the reason we had an incredible experience. She really made the day special for my two girls. I really can't say enough about she made the difference between a good time and a great time. Please recognize her and let her know how much her actions mean for your business. It is someone like that that really helps a business build a reputation and I'm already telling everyone I know to go visit. Thank you - David P. 9/17/2021

What a wonderful visit! I went to Animal Adventures with my wife and children for a private tour in honor of my daughter's birthday. We all fell in love with the beautiful creatures of all kinds living here! The zoo keepers' love for their charges is quite evident, but they also love sharing their incredible friends with guests. We will definitely be back! - Clark W. on Google


So fun. Very family friendly and the staff is kind, knowledgable, and you can tell they really love animals. Our boys loved it. - Katelyn S. on Google


My son & I did the 2 hr private tour last week, AWESOME TIME!!! Jess was our guide, and she was terrific!!! We highly recommend doing the tour.... it was a phenomenal experience ❤❤ - @eviesplace