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Additional topics to choose from

So You Want to Work with Animals?: Experience firsthand what it takes to care for animals in this class of cleaning and feeding.  You’ll see what it takes to keep an animal happy, healthy, and clean in this hands-on activity.

Hibernation and Dormancy: What does it mean for an animal to hibernate?  What is the difference between hibernation and dormancy?  In this class you’ll learn the difference between these two behaviors and learn to identify which animals do what.

Adaptation: How do animals survive from brutal winters to scorching heat; Extreme diets to over eating more than you can imagine.  Also, see how animals go through situational adaptations such as adjusting to injury.

Predator or Prey: Who is the Predator? Who is the Prey? Discover the role of each and how quickly things change!

Rainforest: Most living things are found in the rainforest.  Discover why this natural environment is so rich in its diversity and the importance of rainforests to the world on the other side of the planet.

Desert Residents: Why are lizards so scaly and rough looking?  How can snakes survive in 100 degree temperatures?  Learn about the desert world and the creatures that live there in this class of comparison and contrast between animals.

I’m Gonna Be Like You, Dad!: Look at the way animals resemble their parents in physical appearances and explore the world of heredity in this fun class of generational exploration.

Come to Your Senses: Examine your five senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing and see which of these you share with our friends the mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and bugs.  The answers may surprise you!

Reptiles Wild: Explore the world of today’s most misunderstood animals.  Meet snakes, lizards, skinks, and many more up close and personal and see their fascinating life cycle, how they grow and live, and the role they play in the natural world.

Mammal Mania: For those who are all set with the scaly.  Examine one of the largest groups of animals alive today, see what makes a mammal, and explore how mammals live, how they have adapted to live in almost any environment, and be amazed at the role they play in the natural world.

Motion Commotion: Can you slither like a snake?  Move like a monitor lizard?  Amble like an alligator?  Run like a rodent?  Leap like a lemur?  Take a close look at how animals move and how their locomotion is an adaptation to their environment.  You’ll discover that there are many ways to move and all of them help animals survive.

What a Croc!: Ever wonder what’s the difference between an alligator and crocodile?  Curious about Caimen?  Learn all about the animals called crocodilians and impress your friends with your croc facts.

Turtle Hurdles: How many different kinds of turtles can you identify?  Come take a close look at an animal that has been around as long as the dinosaurs, is always at home no matter where it goes, and lives longer than any other animal.