Family Zoo & Rescue Center #WayCoolerThanAZoo

At Home Birthdays and Private Parties

Our variety of travel presentations make an excellent way to bring the animals to you! They come in all different packages and can be geared towards any age group!

Show & Touch

The program of choice for younger audiences. Typically over 15% of our annual audience is under 4 years old, and this show is just for them! No less diverse than any other Animal Adventures program, we bring the gentlest mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and bugs we can. With lots of petting time and personalized interaction. As always, safety and cleanliness are our top priority as we all have a wonderful time!

Standard Presentations

This is Animal Adventures' standard, all-ages program. Eight to ten animals presented in a one-hour session. Meet the animals, hear interesting stories and information about them and get close. Controlled petting and touching is allowed at the discretion of the Animal Adventure Guide. A fun and unique learning experience to be enjoyed by all! Customized to be age-appropriate.

Premium Presentations

A classic Standard Animal Adventures program with the addition of some of our more exciting premium animals. Setting the standard for live-animal shows that are both fun and educational. Animal Adventures Premium Shows are delivered only by one of our expert Presenters. Everything that makes our "Standard Presentation" great is even bigger and better.


Animal Adventures is excited to announce our new program Dino-Adventures. Dino-Adventures features fossils, dinosaur skulls, velociraptor claws, dinosaur skin you can see and touch. We also provide live animals such as monitor lizards, alligators, scorpions, birds, and snapping turtles, this is a program to excite any dinosaur lover.

Dino-Adventures is offered in both our classic interactive small group session as well as an exciting stage program for large audiences. Call for more information on booking.