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Bullying Prevention

Dr. Ed Laquidara is excited to announce our new, cutting-edge Anti-Bullying and Self-Esteem programs. With the use of our elite and premium exotic animals to captivate the attention of children and adults and to illustrate any message being conveyed, 

Our professional speakers will teach the students:

  • Why bullying is unacceptable.
  • Why we are responsible for our own actions.
  • How we can prevent ourselves from being bullied.

Offered in 60 and 90 minutes sessions Animal Adventures Anti-Bullying Campaign is quickly becoming the number one bullying prevention seminar in Massachusetts.

New statistics show that 75% of students are subjected to harassment or bullying, and 8% of students admit to missing at least one day of class per month because of a bully. Ed Laquidara uses a completely different presentation style to show why people bully, assessing the causality of bullying, and how to avoid being bullied. Our goal is to teach young children in a gentle and polite way to take responsibility for their actions and behavior.

Dr. Ed Laquidara is an experienced educator with a specific background teaching all aspects of self-esteem and self-defense. Due to Ed's many years as a martial arts instructor/counselor Ed is well versed in dealing with who is being bullied and who is doing the bullying. Ed and his wife Brenda counsel many troubled youths from an array of backgrounds. With 7 children in their home ages seven (7) to nineteen (19), they are acutely aware of the challenges our students are facing. We draw on that experience teaching, guiding, and encouraging children and adults of all ages.


Good Morning Ed,

I want to thank you again for bringing The Animal Adventures Bullying Program to our school.  Your presentation was the most unique perspective on bullying we have witnessed - a real concrete experience to which the kids could relate.  Many of our students wrote about the experience afterwards and expressed a new appreciation and understanding of this volatile topic.

We are grateful to Animal Adventures for helping us as we confront the real life problem of "Bullying," and the devastating effects thereof.

You made a real difference in our continued efforts.


Mary-Beth Juneau

Union Hill School Worcester, MA

Dear Ed, Chris, and Levi,


Hello, I just wanted to take the time and say thank you so much for coming to our school and giving such a unique presentation about bullying.  Most of the students we have at our school have had sheltered lives and many have never seen an animal outside of a dog or cat.  So, for them to see all the animals and reptiles that you brought was an amazing experience for them.   Working at a Behavioral school, we see students that were both bullied and are bullies and I feel like you gave them a new way to think about those behaviors.  The students were talking about it for weeks to follow.  I think the comparison between the armadillo and the Nile crocodile really stood out to the kids.  My personal favorite was the skunk. 

Thank you again, it was wonderful!  

Teacher Assistant Robyn  

R.F.K. School

Lancaster, MA