Family Zoo & Rescue Center #WayCoolerThanAZoo

Businesses Large and Small!

No matter what time of year it is, we have the ability to make your outing great! Space is not an issue in the winter as we have our brand new Science Center that can accommodate over 50 people.

Spring, Summer, and Fall we can also offer our outdoor space for larger groups of over 100 people.

Fun For The Whole family!

Have your staff and their families out for an exciting afternoon! We have bounce houses and giant, blow-up water slides available to us on demand so there is never a shortage on entertainment!

Face painting, Cotton Candy,Snow Cones and Popcorn to make this outing feel more like a trip to the fair! Turn your outing into an event your staff will remember for a lifetime. 

Make Your Outing Fun & Educational!

Jr. Zookeeper lessons in Snake wrangling and Alligator catching are only the beginning! 

If that's not enough join in on the Turtle and Ferret races as well. A team building experience at its finest.

We Offer What You Need...

Motivational & Team Building Events

If you are looking to build a better team than look no further. With expert Motivator and Team Builder Ed Laquidara, we can ensure that your event will be worth every minute. Use the excitement of working with exotic animals to build trust among your team, better partnerships between employees, and a more fearless group of leaders!

A Restful Outing for Your Entire Staff!

Let us do all the work so your team can get the day off they deserve! Whether you are coming just as a team or with the whole family we have events everyone can join in on. Pick from the above mentioned activities such as Lectures and Bounce Houses or just a casual animal show with lots of food and games! Free roam the campus and enjoy all Animal Adventures has to offer!

Customize It!

Want a little of both worlds? Customize your event to suit your needs. Pick from all we have to offer and we will make it work. Not sure where to go from here? Contact our office and speak with someone who can make your corporate event a huge success today!  978.779.8988 info@animaladventures.net