Covid-19 Update


Due to Covid-19 we have taken all of the steps we can to ensure safety for our team members and our customers. We will remain open daily (except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Easter) in order to care for the over 200 rescued exotic animals that live here. Since we will be here most of the day anyway to care for the animals we will also be open to the public every day for General Admission and Tours. We will also continue to host special animal classes and special events. 

We have taken into account the need for social distance and masks and will follow the state's guidelines while also being non-discriminatory as well. We understand that some people cannot wear masks for health reasons and we will not refuse service to you. If you are able to wear a mask we ask you to do so in the areas of the rescue zoo where you cannot practice social distance. If you are unable to wear a mask, please be respectful of those who are and keep your distance from them.  Masks are not required unless social distancing is not possible.

For the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and animals please refrain from visiting if you are feeling ill in any way. Likewise if any of our team members are feeling ill they will not come to work.

Our staff and volunteers will wear a mask during indoor shows, and tours for your safety as well. Our team is cleaning all commonly touched surfaces twice a day with bleach and disinfectants. Our bathrooms are open, we have plenty of hand soap and hand sanitizer for customers and staff to use. If you have any questions regarding these policies please feel free to reach out to our General Manager.

Thank you,

AA Staff