Zoo To You Parties

Let Animal Adventures be the wild part of your next party. We are available for Birthdays, Graduation Parties, Anniversaries, Block Parties, and more. 



Our staple program features 8-10 exotic animals presented in a one hour format where the audience will get to pet and learn about them from one of our expert zookeepers.

Pricing varies by distance traveled. Call or email the office for your local pricing.

Close Up Owl


Our Standard Presentation with the addition of some "premium exotic animals". Choose from a list of more exciting animals who can be handled by only our top tier zookeepers. 


1st Animal: $100

2nd Animal: $65

3rd Animal: $50

Image by James Lee

Dino Adventures

For the future Paleontologist in the family, we offer a one hour program featuring live animals and fossils. We teach about the relationship of today's animals with their prehistoric ancestors. 

Premium add-ons available too.

Pricing varies by distance traveled. Call or email the office for your local pricing.

Animals Include

Premium Animals Include

North American Porcupine

Brazilian Three Banded Armadillo

Mountain Coati


Eurasian Eagle Owl

Bush Baby


Small Goat



Standard: Alligator, Snake, Chinchilla, Ferret, Hedgehog, Rats, Bunnies, different kinds of reptiles and lizards such as: Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Tegus, Spiney Tailed Lizards, Blue Tongue Skink, and more. We also include amphibians like turtles, tortoises and frogs. Tarantulas are available upon request for viewing  only. 

Elite Animals Include

Fennec or Pale Fox - $150

Kangaroo - $250

Monkey - $300

Ring-Tailed Lemur - $300

*Space and other requirements must be met for these animals to travel to your house. 

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