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Are you a School (Pre-k through 12 grade), Extended day Program, Daycare, Camp, etc...?

Have you ever thought about showing your kids more than just the AMAZING animals or just one main topic on a one time visit?  Our Multi-week programs fall in line with the Massachusetts Department of Education's Curriculum Standards. Also don't forget the FREE Premiums, each multi-week program includes a number of FREE premium animals throughout the duration of the program. 

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The Burlington After School Program has a long standing partnership with Animal Adventures. As an after school program with an emphasis on high quality educational enrichment, Animal Adventures has done a fantastic job meeting our needs. Our curriculum and enrichment planning is a thoughtful process as we need to meet the needs of over 250 children at four different sites.

While we have worked with Animal Adventures for many years, each year is a new and exciting experience. The Animal Adventures staff work hard to develop the right programs for us each time. They ask questions about what we are looking for in order to ensure their program is complimenting and enhancing our own curriculum while also tying into our themes. This year we started with a 12 week program that highlighted animals from different continents

I have been especially impressed with the quality of the presentations. The presenters are very knowledgeable and work well with all of our groups. Each presentation is adjusted to the appropriateness of the age group. At our program we have children ranging in ages from 5 to 13 years old, but even our adult staff have commented on how much they enjoy and learn from each presentation. We loved our time with Animal Adventures so much that at the end of the 12 weeks we went ahead and booked an additional 8 weeks along with a special program for Earth Day.

I would strongly recommend Animal Adventures to any after school Program. Whether you are looking for an extended program, like the 12 weeks we did, or a one day program, like our Earth Day celebration, Animal Adventures is a great choice. If you are looking for a quality educational experience for your program, look no further than Animal Adventures!

Diane Haverty

Burlington Public Schools

*We now serve Burlington After School at 4 different sites, for a total or 28 appearances. We do 2 shows per appearance*

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