Adopt An Animal

For the truest of animal lovers out there, you can now sponsor or Adopt an animal. By adopting an animal you are not only telling us you care about them but you will be directly supporting and taking care of the animal yourself. Choose from any of the animals listed below and the recurring amount you'd like to donate. In return you will receive a digital photo of the animal, and a monthly video update on what your donation has been able to provide. Adopting an animal is the most direct way to help provide for your favorite animals. If you are looking to do even more try Sponsoring an Exhibit!

Note: The animal will stay here, not go home with you.

For physical animal adoptions regarding bunnies, guinea pigs etc. please contact the office.

$25 A Month Range

$50 A Month Range

$100 A Month Range

$150 A Month Range

Sponsor a Vet Visit

From time to time just like us, animals need to see the doctor. Unlike human health insurance animal doctor visits cost a lot more for a routine check up, x-rays, and other procedures. And just like humans, getting sick is always inconvenient. Sometimes the funds aren't there at the moment you need. This gives our friends a chance to help any of our animals when they need it most. By donating a Vet Visit you are directly providing care for these animals. Thank you!


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