Family Zoo & Rescue Center #WayCoolerThanAZoo

Tips For Visiting Our Rescue Center

1. For General Admission please plan your trip around one of our 3 show times (11am, 1pm, and 3pm)

2. The only refreshments we sell are bottled water and various chips. Feel free to bring your own food and use our picnic tables. There are a few local places to grab a bite to eat and with your Animal Adventures wrist band come back and enjoy the rest of your day. 


3. We are a Rescue Center first and a family zoo second. We are the off exhibit zoo. We are 100% self-funded and are not like your typical zoo. We are more like the behind the scenes of those zoos. Otherwise known as the off-exhibit section.  

4. We are always a work in progress, so please excuse us if something is in the middle of being accomplished. Usually something is in process (a new habitat, new roof, etc.) as we are always trying to improve the rescue center. 

5. Most importantly, have fun and ask questions! Our highly educated staff has made animals their life's passion. Our biggest concern is when people leave the center misinformed, or, with incorrect assumptions that could have easily been remedied by asking a couple of questions. We encourage you to ask and learn as much as you can.

Thank you, and please enjoy your visit!