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About Us

About Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures is an exotic animal rescue founded by Ed and Brenda Laquidara in 1997, but the journey began long before that. Ed has worked with exotics since his youth, and over the years gained his PhD in Zoology. Ed has even been listed as one of the world’s top 20 herpetologists. Brenda owned a pet store in Malden, MA for many years with her sister Robin.

Together, Ed and Brenda formed Animal Adventures with the mission to provide a home to unwanted and unable to be cared for animals, while educating the public about these animals. Throughout the year, we travel to many schools, libraries, colleges, and other functions. We also present at birthday parties and in the classroom. Come visit the rescue zoo to see and learn about all of these amazing animals!

If you have any questions, our friendly staff is more than happy to answer them. We understand that not everything is perfect and we are always making upgrades. Some animals get dropped off with little to no notice at all, and we do the best we can to provide a home for them. Our staff works hard each day to provide all of the animals’ basic needs.

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*Animal Adventures is NOT a licensed rehab facility or animal hospital. We can treat some animals with minor injuries, but we cannot take in animals from the wild. If you have an injured animal from the wild, please contact a local wildlife rehabilitation facility. While we can take in surrendered / unwanted pets and can give them a new and safe home (either here or somewhere we deem appropriate) please call before dropping off any animals. All our other animals were rescued or surrendered from other zoos or breeding facilities (with a few other rare cases).