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Volunteer at Animal Adventures!

Are you extremely passionate about animals but want the flexibility of a volunteer? Apply for our Pro-Volunteer program. This position is specially designed for those who want to work with animals but are available on a limited basis. If you can work 2-4 days a week and money is not an issue for you then this might be the next step to your dream job. While this position is not a paid position you will reap all the benefits of a paid employee such as world class animal care training. Many young people spend a fortune on college and never even touch an animal. Here you can learn all about animal care, behavior, and other zoology aspects without the fluff of college.

We are looking for responsible, dependable, highly motivated people who are also trustworthy. We will train you to do tours, shows, and even traveling programs with Animal Adventures! This is not for everyone but for those who are interested, the kind of experience and education you will receive here is certainly worth it. There really is no limit to what you can learn. We will start with the small stuff and you can work your way up to the bigger stuff. You will also receive free admission for the entire time you work here. Those who stay more than a year will receive half off admission for life once they leave the job (if they leave).

To apply for this position please fill out the application below and email it to Thank you!