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School & Library Animal Stage Presentations

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Educational School & Library Animal Presentations

As the Northeast’s leader in exotic animal education, let us come in and teach your students all about wildlife and conservation! We can present in any format from a small classroom setting to your schools auditorium. We have a program that fits any size group, you can learn more about our programs below. Pricing varies by distance. For accurate pricing please use the Request a Quote form below. Have additional questions? Please email us or give us a call!

Standard Package

Our staple program features 8-10 exotic animals presented in a hour long session where the audience will get to pet and learn about them from one of our expert zookeepers.

Premium Programs

Our Standard Presentation with the addition of “premium exotic animals”. Choose from a list of animals you can add to your presentation that can only be handled by one of our senior zookeepers.

Dino Adventures

For the future Paleontologist in the family, we offer a one hour program featuring live animals and fossils. We teach about the relationship of today’s animals with their prehistoric ancestors. Premium add-ons are available too.

Masters' Presentation

Our Masters’ Presentation is the go-to for most schools with large groups. This one hour program covers all the bases. With two expert animal handlers, we bring a large alligator or crocodile, a giant snake, Tarzan the Ring-Tailed Lemur, 3 more premium animals of your choice, a fox, and other large lizards and mammals.

Ultimate Presentation

The crown jewel of animal presentations! A 90 minute program with two expert handlers. You can pick any 10 animals from our traveling ambassador list. This program has been done at schools, libraries, festivals, and even large venue birthday parties. It is the most exciting program in wildlife education.

Anti-Bullying Program

Our Anti-Bullying Program is one of the most unique presentations you will find. Presented by Ed Laquidara himself, he uses the aid of exotic animals to send the message to counteract bullying. The program is designed to stop bullying at the source by encouraging each person to be who they are.

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