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Join the Animal Adventures Team!

Current Openings:

  • Head Curator/Manager
  • Animal Caretakers

If you’re interested in a position, please email your application and resume to [email protected] or call us at 978-779-8988 for more information. You may also mail your application to 336 Sugar Road Bolton, MA 01740. All Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Animal Adventures is an Equal Opportunity Employer who is always accepting Volunteer Applications and hires Paid Staff on an as needed basis throughout the year. Animal Adventures is committed to providing exceptional customer service whether at our main facility or off site at an event or other venue. Applicants should be flexible, energetic, motivated and enjoy working with the public to join the Animal Adventures Team.

All applicants who are considered will be given an interview. If an Applicant is brought on board, He or She will be brought on as a Volunteer regardless of seeking a Paid Staff Position or not. Animal Adventures unfortunately at this time does not pay applicants for training due to the nature of the business and the understanding that working with animals and the public as Animal Adventures does is not always fit for everyone. If a Paid Staff Position is what you desire, it will be up to you during your time (roughly +/-45 days) as a Volunteer to show us you are ready. Evaluations will be held throughout your time here at the facility so you can know your progress as well.

Head Curator

Animal Adventures is seeking a Head Curator to oversee and run the daily operations of the entire rescue zoo. This person will be responsible for day to day animal care, including cleaning enclosures, diet and meal prep/planning, implementing new procedures, communicating regularly with the owners and the GM, oversee customer service from time to time, and schedule employees daily tasks.


Must have a minimum 7-10 years of exotic animal experience, preferably from another zoo or animal facility. Types of animal experience we are looking for is big cat, primates, kangaroos, birds of prey. Must have experience with exotic animals.

*Former kennel managers, dog walkers, pet store employees, please apply to our Animal Caretaker positions. Thank you.

*We cannot, for safety reasons, hire anyone who smokes tobacco or marijuana, does any kind of drug, or drinks alcohol. You must be able to pass a drug test on any given day.

Animal Caretakers

Seeking part and full-time animal caretakers. Duties include cleaning enclosures, feeding animals, following specific instructions to the letter; performing educational presentations to the public, performing tours that can last from 30 min – 2 hours. Need to be able to travel to schools, daycare’s, birthday parties, colleges, libraries, and more to perform educational programs with the animals.


Some exotic animal experience preferred. Valid drivers license. Well maintained car or SUV. Open availability preferred. Must be able to lift minimum of 50 pounds unassisted. Must be able to kneel, bend, stoop, crouch, reach, use a ladder, and able to fit in some tight areas.

Ideal candidate has a strong work ethic and good use of common sense. Understanding procedures and why things are done a certain way is a must. Ability to follow explicit instructions is non-negotiable.

*We cannot, for safety reasons, hire anyone who smokes tobacco or marijuana, does any kind of drug, or drinks alcohol. You must be able to pass a drug test on any given day.