Donate To Animal Adventures

There are many different ways you can donate to Animal Adventures. 

You can donate goods from our inventory list below,  donate cash at our facility, or just click the donate button and give via credit card.

Thank you for donating to Animal Adventures! Please know your donation money is used solely for animal care and does not go towards payroll or facility expenses. All donation money is used for new and renovated exhibits and enclosures for the animals, food and enrichment. 


Note: We are NOT a 501(c)3 organization and choose to refrain from this as we can provide a better life for the animals by remaining a small, family run business. 

Are You Looking to Help?

Sheeba is one of our rescued animals that are in need of a new and larger facility. Animal Adventures is working to provide that facility temporarily here on the current property, but with plans to move to a larger piece of land in the near future. 100% of your donations will go toward this cause.

You can donate directly to the rescue operations and building fund to help us provide for these abandoned animals and their facilities.

Amazon Wish List

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We are always in need of...

The Items listed below are everyday essential items that we need to feed and maintain the 800+ animals here at the facility, as well as general facility house keeping. Thank you for helping us in any way that you can! 

Food For Animals

Green Lettuce
Sweet Potatoes
Bone in Chicken(thighs, drumsticks, breasts etc.)

Quality Meats(beef, steak)
Sammy Vitamins & Calcium
Meal Worms
Indoor Cat Food
Beneful Dog Food
Beneful Puppy Food
Guinea Pig Food
Chinchilla Food
Kangaroo/Wallaby Food
Parrot Feed
Cockatiel Feed
Chicken Feed
Pig Feed
Goat Feed 
Reptile Calcium
Tortoise Biscuits

Cleaning Supplies

Paper Towels
Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer 
Dish Soap (Dawn Original)
Spray Bottles
Scrub Brushes 
White Trash Bags (13 Gallon)
Black Trash Bags (33 Gallon+)
Ziploc Bags (all sizes)
Paint Scraper
Duct Tape
Face Cloths
Organic Orange Cleaner

Other Animal Supplies

Hay (1st or 2nd cut)
Shavings (White Pine)
Pool Filter Sand
Filter Media
Electrical Tape
Light Bulbs