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Are You Ready For Camp?

Animal Adventures day camps are an exciting way to spend vacations. All Animal Adventures programs are developed in accordance with Massachusetts educational standards and curriculum for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Some of our topics that we will cover are animal handling and care along with fun games and activities! The campers will learn what it takes to work with animals and have a unique hand-on experience. Campers will learn about all the animals from crocs to lemurs! Call or email to register, space is limited. All Camps are $200 per session with a $100 deposit upon registration. If you would like to enroll for just a couple of days it is $45 per day enrolled.

What Goes On At Camp You Ask?

Monday- All Around the World

During this first day of camp, campers are introduced to all of the animals at Animal Adventures which include Kangaroo, Kinkajou, Coati, Snakes, Skunks, Lizards and many more! Campers learn about where they come from, what they eat and the right way to hold an animal!

Tuesday- Mammal Mania

Mammal Mania’s main focus is the furry critters at Animal Adventures. Campers are involved in activities such as preparing diets for the animals, making toys for them and cleaning their habitats.

Wednesday- Wild Reptile Dino Day

Wild Reptile Dino Day is all about the scaly creatures that once roamed the earth and about how some of them are still around today! During the day the campers learn about Fossils and get to see some of Animal Adventures’ collection, and figuring out if there really is a difference between crocodiles and alligators! Even reptile wrangling! Campers also get a picture of themselves with a safe animal of their choosing.

Thursday - Meet the Exotics and Clean the Crazies

Campers learn about the exotics that live at Animal Adventures.  Activities for this day include feeding and learning about exotic animals and a number of our other fun-filled friends.

Friday- Surprise Friday

Friday’s are an exciting day at Animal Adventures Camp! Anything can happen! All but one activity is a secret! Campers are given the chance at the end of the day to present to their parents what they have learned at Animal Adventures camp and talk about their favorite animal!

In addition to what you see above, each camp day includes a snack break, fun games, journal time, and most importantly FREE HOLD sessions!

Upcoming Camps

Thank You to all Animal Adventurers and their parents who participated in the 8 summer camp sessions we had this past 2016 summer season!

Upcoming weeks include:

2017 School Vacation Camps:

Kids Camp 5yrs – 12yrs (9am-12pm)

*Need no less than 5 campers enrolled in order to run camp.  

Teen Camp 13+ (1pm – 4pm)

*Need no less than 5 campers enrolled in order to run camp.  

2017 Animal Adventures Summer Camp:

Summer Camp 5yrs – 12yrs (9am-12pm )

  • Session 1:June 26 - 30.
  • Session 2: July 10 - 14
  • Session 3: July 17 - 21
  • Session 4: July 24 - 28
  • Session 5:July 31 - August 4
  • Session 6: August 7 - 11
  • Session 7: August 14 - 18
  • Session 8: August 21- 25

Teen Camp 13+ (1pm – 4pm)

  • Session 1: June 26 - 30
  • Session 2: July 17 - 21
  • Session 3: August 21 - 25